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An experience

09.06.2013 (4:58 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized

So I was drinking some post sushi beers at the “round about bar” in a nearby, local indian casino, and minding my own business, perhaps watching some tv and listening to my loud, course neighbors.

So these two dudes sit next to me, no bid deal.  But they are eating sandwiches and being pretty drunk and vulgar.  I hear one dude say he cannot see 8 feet in front of him, and another say he wants to fuck the bartender, and other stuff.  But who cares, they can say what they want.  Anywho, dude finishes his sandwich and flicks it over my way, so I flick it back.  And dude brings an attitude.  And his bearded fat friend starts to say something.  So I laugh.  Like I think I giggled or there abouts.
And this infuriated them, so they stand up and say something about “hippies” and “faggots” and then I laughed again, and then I got aggressive back.  I think I took a sip of my beer, and then said “Firstly, I am not scared of either of you.” And then after another sip, informed them I had been listening very closely and I was not going to tolerate their bigoted, fat, redneck asses.  And told them that they picked the wrong individual and I was going to hold them to task for their stupid words.  It got pretty intense.  They kept trying to intimidate me, but then security showed up, and told them to leave, basically, and shook my hand when I explained what happened and how I wasn’t going to be bullied.  Then, and this was the best part, some dude next to me told me i was a hero and awesome.
It was pretty surreal, but I felt like someone must have sent these cowards for me to rebuke, it was too intense, but I felt perfectly ready and willing to stand up for myself and against all the shit these idiots said.
Oh, and then as I was walking out, I passed them, but they tried to talk to me, so I walked back and reminded them I would remember this shit and they should watch their actions because the world is full of people like me.
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